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31st Mar 2020

Monday Motivation: Creating (Quality) Time for Yourself in the Time of Coronavirus

CORRECTION: The link mentioned at the end of the episode is incorrect see the corrected link below (before the dotted line).

Today's Monday Motivation comes on a Tuesday. In this episode, I'm talking about creating quality time for ourselves now that we are in the Time of Coronavirus.

Depending on where you are in the world, you may be days or weeks into self-isolating and quarantine due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Work-life and school life have moved home, you have more time on your hands than you did a month ago, and you're now sharing space with people who before now, you mostly saw only in the evenings and on the weekends. You're doing the dang thing keeping it together for all parties involved. I sincerely applaud you. But what are you doing for yourself beyond catching up on Netflix?

Are you creating a structured time to help YOU get through this and be a better parent, spouse, helpmate, partner, and person in the process? Are you using the time productively? Are you exercising your mind as well as your body?

In this video, I mention dedicating 90 minutes to self-care, but I realize this may sound like A LOT if you've never tried something like this before. Let's cut it down to 60 minutes and while you're at it you can download my Free 60 Minutes of Self-Care worksheets to help you get started. You can get them at .

We're all in this together. Let's come out of this better than we entered into it.


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I got divorced in 2015. In my despair, I read no less than thirty books on relationships and divorce and took a ton of horrible advice. It didn’t take me long to realize there was little help out there that really captured, spoke to, or even came close to understanding what I was experiencing from one day to the next. Most of it peddled hope that "things" would get better in some far off future or chronicled some miraculous reconciliation story that when I tried to duplicate, only got me cursed out by my ex-wife. I created The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide to tell the story that isn't being told, that men, black men specifically, are people too — that have real feelings and real desires, and sometimes we're just as scared as women when it comes to rejection and failing at love. And like me, if you're willing to dig deep enough and work hard enough you can turn an unfortunate incident into a springboard to discover yourself, discover joy, and maybe find love again.

I am a Chicago-born, New York City-bred and currently residing in Atlanta. A marketing and advertising guy most of my adult life, a writer since the second grade, and a storyteller since before even then. I've published two books of poetry, a parenting book, and the groundbreaking fatherhood and marriage blog, I have no problem laughing at myself and learning from and sharing the lessons failure teaches. I believe in superheroes, practicing gratitude every chance I get and love my children to the point that they are completely annoyed by me.